Maggie and Em Series Book Two

Where Were You in the Blizzard of '78?

What do ten silver dollars, an invasion of annoying relatives and a cackling voice in a mysterious, overgrown maze have in common? Eleven-year-old Maggie Brandenburg! While most of the US suffers through the Great Depression of the 1930's, all Maggie's first-wish-on-a-star dreams have come true. Her family has a new home. Maggie and her twin sister, Em, are enjoying school and their first ever new bicycles. Best of all, her parents aren't struggling to make a living. Life would be a bowl of cherries – except for those pesky, lip-biting worries. If those vanished silver dollars aren't found. . . if the relatives can't be helped . . . and if that maze didn't hold so many mysteries! Mysteries that are squeezing all the happiness out of Maggie's dreams. Can Maggie find her way through the tangled maze before time runs out?

Where's the Anastasia? It's been almost a year since Laura Barkley's husband, a museum curator, was murdered and the fabled Anastasia diamond stolen.  Where is the priceless diamond now? Someone is determined to find the diamond no matter what the cost. Unless Laura can decipher Peter's last baffling clue and find it first. What did he mean, "the badger, not the bridge?"
As the one year anniversary of the Anastasia's disappearance draws closer, Laura finds herself caught in a series of snowballing events she can't control - including the Blizzard of 1978. As the snow deepens - who will survive?