I have two full-length published novels as well as numerous short stories. And since I am always writing, there is always a new novel in the works!

Mysteries with a Seed of Faith... Fiction Novels for Young Readers

The Search for the Madonna:
An American Saints in Progress Story

Publisher: Behold Publications
Softcover, 232 pages with spot illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-9797609-6-9

Adventure series for ages 10 and up

Mysterious lights... Ghostly intruders... A family lost in time... Can Maggie solve the mysteries and save the family farm? Read this historical novel set during the Great Depression to find out!

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The Gift of Summer Snow:
A Tale from the Garden of Mysteries

Publisher: Philothea Press
Softcover, 114 pages with 9 full page illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-9826867-3-7

Mid-grade fiction, ages 8 and up

Vanished — another Summer Snow rose! Someone’s been taking ace junior-gardener Becky McGuffey’s prize-winning flowers and the county fair is only weeks away. Will she be able to solve the mystery in time to enter her roses in the fair? Relying on her family, her friends and her devotion to Saint Theresa, Becky digs deep to find the answers. But more troubles bloom for her in this garden of mysteries.

The first in a series of gardening-inspired stories, The Gift of Summer Snow takes readers on a suspenseful ride to unexpected places where difficult life-lessons are learned and prayers are answered in unexpected ways.

A free Unit Study Guide for this book is available for download. Visit my Unit Study Guides page on this website, or visit Philothea Press.

The Gift of Summer Snow is available from:





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