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Bridget's whole world is horses, but she's never ridden one in her life. How hard can it be?Twelve-year-old Bridget Benedict's whole world revolves around horses. They're her life and passion. When her grandparents gift her with a week at Rawhide Ranch in California, Bridget is over the moon with excitement. For weeks she dreams of the upcoming summer. What could be better than a week of riding horses and living her cowgirl dreams?

Bridget has one tiny, tumbleweed problem. She's never been on a real horse. But, how hard can riding be? It looks easy enough in the westerns Bridget has grown up watching. When she arrives at camp, horse-crazy Bridget makes a frightening discover; real horses are much bigger than she ever imagined. Her first ride in the OK Corral might well be her last!

In a camp full of horse-loving girls and boys, Bridget is convinced she's the only camper who's afraid to ride. How can a girl who adores horses and knows so much about them be paralyzed with fear? Her tumbleweed-sized problem soon tumbles into a shameful secret she will do anything to keep.

Will this be Bridget's best week ever? Or will her secret stampede into the final horse show and spoil everything?

Gallop over to Rawhide Ranch for the Ride of your Life!Publisher: Chase Smith Press

Available at www.rawhideranch.com/store/c1/Featured-Products.html

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