My Author Visits are a wonderful way to introduce learners of any age to the joys of writing. Through fun hands-on activities, question and answer sessions and read-aloud story times, they teach valuable listening and reading skills and encourage creativity.

These workshops can be customized to fit the size and age range of your group and to fit your time requirements. See below for more information!

 I really enjoy working with children during my Author Visits. Their creativity is always inspiring.

School and Author Visit  Options

*Small group assembly - introduces students to the world of writing and using their imaginations. (Preferably for grades 3 to 6) Assembly will feature a short presentation about my books and my writing journey. Children will play the 5 W's game and learn how to create their own story. Approx. 60 min.

* Writing Workshops - these workshops can be tailored to the age of the student. (Child or adult) I offer two 60 minute workshops.

Workshop A: So you want to be a Writer!  Explains the writing process from idea to published book.

Workshop B: Brainstorming 101 - an interactive workshop where aspiring writers of all ages can get some feedback on a current project. Learn how to take your basic idea and add more depth to your story.

* Lunch with an Author - Have some aspiring young  writers in your school or homeschool group? Why not host a "Lunch with the Author?"  I will come and have lunch with the students - parents welcome too! We will chat about writing, getting ideas and how someone becomes an author.

* Q & A Sesssion - These 30 minute sessions are for all ages. Ask any question about writing, finding a publisher, how a writer gets ideas, what a writer does all day, anything at all!

If you would like me to visit your school or homeschool group, please contact me at:

Rates for visits are negotiable! Groups which agree to purchase a set number of books may also qualify for a free visit! I'm also open to suggestions for visits - let me know what you have in mind!