Donna's Books


If you'd like to read more about my books or other projects, follow the links below.

 The Search for the Madonna  - Read about my first book as well as many other entertaining and edifying books for young readers. You'll love the catalog filled with items for your Little Flower or Blue Knights Group. Author Page - Reviews, photos and more!

The Gift of Summer Snow

Flashlight Memories Anthology


 Cookies and Milk

Did you know that I am also a co-editor of a syndicated newspaper page for kids? My two writing friends, Patty, Maribeth, and I have written articles and activites on hundreds of topics. Have you ever wondered about mysteries such as The Lost Dutchman Mine or how paper was invented? Would you like to learn how to make invisible ink or cookies that look like reindeer? Check out the archives of "Cookies and Milk" at the link below.

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